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Safeguarding and Prevent


What is Safeguarding?

The purpose of Worlingworth CEVCP School’s safeguarding policy is to provide a secure framework for the school in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of those pupils who attend our school.  The policy aims to ensure that:all our pupils are safe and protected from harm

  • other elements of provision and policies are in place to enable pupils to feel safe and adopt safe practices
  • staff, pupils, governors, visitors, volunteers and parents are aware of the expected behaviours’ and the school’s legal responsibilities in relation to its pupils

Responsibilities and Expectations

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Victoria Gascoyne-Cecil

The named Safeguarding Governor is Martin Lewis-Jones

PREVENT (Radicalisation & Extremism)

What is Online Safety?

Online Safety is not just about keeping safe on the internet but also keeping safe on all electronic devices such as mobile phones, game consoles, television etc Online Safety means knowing about potential threats when you are online; knowing what you can and cannot (legally) do when you are online; and knowing how to protect yourself from some of the risks that are involved in using the internet. Online Safety covers 'All fixed and mobile technologies that children and young people may encounter, now and in the future, which allow them access to content and communications that could raise issues or pose risks to their wellbeing and safety'. 


At Worlingworth CEVC Primary School we take Online Safety very seriously. We enjoy using the internet, but we ensure that pupils are kept safe online. Online safety is a subject regularly talked about at school and Online safety is a topic covered in both Computing and PSHE.  Pupils all write an "Online Safety Agreement", outlining how they should behave on the internet.

The CEOP, Report Abuse button sits on every page of our website, so that the pupils know where to find it, should they ever need to use it.

Victoria Gascoyne-Cecil are the named teachers responsible for Online Safety. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The following links are very useful for parents and pupils using the internet:


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