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Most Able Pupils

We are a fully inclusive school and throughout the school we use the vocabulary of 'Challenge' and 'Growth Mindset'. 

Challenges are embedded into our lessons, with 'Higher Order' questions being used to stretch and challenge our pupils. We explcitly teach and encourage 'Growth Mindset', a model devised by Dr Carol Dweck. The phrase "Growth Mindset" is used to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. When pupils believe they can achieve more, they understand that effort makes them stronger, build on mistakes and become more resilent as learners. 

We have developed a curriculum that enables the most able pupils to be challenged and stretched through applying their learning in a wide range of varied contexts, situations and challenges.

We run regular 'Challenge Days' to promote learning in different contexts, as well as encouraging critical, creative and analytical thinking. 

We utilise the'Most Able' activities offered by Stradbroke High School, and the Sports Partnership, giving pupils the opportunities to work with and compete against pupils from other schools. 

We also celebrate children's 'out of school' achievements in school. 

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