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Eco Schools

Our school has recently achieved the Silver Eco Schools Award.  This involved setting up an Eco Action Team, which had to meet on at least 2 occasions with meetings minuted.

The Eco team had to carry out an environmental review, looking at the following areas:  Litter/Rubbish, Energy, Waste, Water, School Grounds and Transport.

From the results of our environmental review we worked out an action plan, listing various targets and setting a timescale to achieve these targets.

Three bird feeders were purchased along with supply of food.  There is now a rota in school so that all pupils have a turn at feeding the birds. Our next major project has been to reduce our waste by increasing our recycling.  We have done this by composting all suitable food waste which in turn will be used in the kitchen garden.

We have also had a visit from the Suffolk Waste Education.  The school made the ‘Pledge to Recycle’ and to improve the amount we recycle, the children have spent a week weighing all our rubbish, keeping a chart to show how much is re-cycled, how much we compost and how much has to go in the ordinary rubbish.

Now we are aiming for 70% recycling so that we can achieve our goal!

The Eco Action Team