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At Worlingworth we believe that a high-quality language education in Primary Schools should encourage children’s curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. It should act as a foundation for learning further languages and equip our children to study and work in other countries in the future. We have a Primary Languages Governor, Carolyn Evans, who is working alongside staff to support the development of the language curriculum within the school.


What we do

In line with the new curriculum and as part of our partnership with Stradbroke High School, French is taught throughout the school as we believe a whole school approach to learning languages is the most successful. In addition, the class teachers build on the children’s learning at other points in the week.  Children learn to speak, read and write French in a fun way, as well as singing songs, rhymes and learning well known stories.  We follow the national scheme of work which includes a broad range of topics such colours, numbers, family, animals, celebrations, sport, school and food.

At Worlingworth we always embrace children from different cultures and backgrounds in our classrooms and so alongside learning French, we also enjoy teaching the children about the culture and geography of different countries, as well as France. We regularly celebrate the World Day of Languages by having a whole school festival of various cultures where the children were transported with their passports to different parts of the world and experienced music, food, arts and language!


The Suffolk Linguamarque is a new scheme by Suffolk and is awarded to schools with excellent practice in Primary Languages.

To achieve the award we are required to show how languages are intregrated into school life, the clear progression between year groups, as well as encouraging pupils to adopt an open approach to other countries and cultures. 

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